Should You See A Regular Doctor Or An HIV Specialist?


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On the one hand, you are simply going to get better care from HIV specialists who have experience treating people at all stages of the disease.


The complex nature of HIV, the pace of new drugs coming online, the expanding treatment protocols, and the individual response to medications make HIV one of the most complicated conditions to treat.



The only way to stay ahead of the curve, to understand what is likely to work for one person but not another, is to have a large patient base so you can see the fluctuations, respond quickly, and develop new paths to wellness.


On the other hand, seeing an HIV specialist for all your needs may not make much sense.  Because HIV treatment is so effective, helping many to lead a normal life, you are likely going to need far more “regular healthcare” from a family practice physician than specialized treatment from an HIV expert.


The good news is that you do not need to choose one or the other.


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The Best Of Both Worlds

As an Internal Medicine and HIV specialist who treats hundreds of men with HIV, I can tell you there is a great advantage to having all your medical needs treated under one roof.   The convenience factor alone is worth it, but the synergy between typical healthcare needs and specialized HIV treatment means better outcomes.


Making HIV A Footnote, Not A Headline

I have treated hundreds of HIV patients over the years and I want to tell you something about my experience: With the right medication, the proper planning and a healthy lifestyle, this thing does not have to own you. You have my commitment to try to make HIV a footnote in your life, not a headline.



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